Tuesday, April 21, 2009

P0P! Madness Is Back!!

Hi everyone :)

Wow it's been months since I've made an appearance here! However, the good news is that I will be posting REGULARLY once again bringing you the best in all things pop!
I've had A LOT of requests for things to be re-uploaded so keep an eye out for new links coming soon. If you have any new requests/comments/quieries, drop me aline via email, MySpace or the TagBoard and I will do my best to accomodate you! And please, no spamming on the Tagboard thanks :)

Feels good to be back doesn't it??
Stay tuned for new music coming soon xx

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Veronicas - Good Times

The Veronicas recently covered the classic song "Good Times" for a special Easy Beats tribute cd. The girls do an amazing job of it, and Jess's vocals will send a shiver up your spine.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Demi Lovato - Don't Forget

Don't Forget is the debut album from Demi Lovato. It was released on the 23rd September, with the majority of the tracks written by Demi herself with the hel of Kevin and Nick Jonas.

1. La La Land
2. Get Back
3. Trainreck
4. Party
5. On The Line feat. Jonas Brothers
6. Don't Forget
7. Gonna Get Caught
8. Two Worlds Collide
9. The Middle
10. Until You're Mine
11. Believe In Me
12. That's How You Know


Rogue Traders - Better In The Dark

Better In The Dark is the 3rd studio album from Aussie electro/pop band Rogue Traders. It's the 2nd and final album with Nat Bassingthwaite at lead vocals. Although only 2 years apart, the evolution from the first album is not only noticeable, it's much welcomed and enjoyed. Filled with attitude, catchy chorus's and enough electro rock to satisfy you to your hearts content. Stand out tracks include I Never Liked You, Candy Coloured Lights and Throw Your Arms Around Me. A must for lovers of electro pop/rock music!

1. Calling All Lovers
2. Don't You Wanna Feel
3. I Never Liked You
4. Candy Coloured Lights
5. Speak & Destroy
6. Childlike
7. On Your Way To The Disco
8. 8th Wonder of The World
9. Better In The Dark
10. What You're On
11. Throw Your Arms Around Me
12. The Price We Pay


Shannon Noll - Turn It Up

Turn It Up is the 3rd studio album from Aussie Idol runner up Shannon Noll. The first single taken from the album was Loud, released on September 2007, which shot straight to number 1 on the ARIA charts. Stand out tracks: Afterburn, Sorry Is Just Too Late and In Pieces.

2. Everybody Needs A Little Help
3. In Pieces
4. Crashing Down
5. Is You
7. Breakdown
8. Way Out
9. Sorry Is Just Too Late
10. Afterburn
11. Won't Let You Go
12. Only Thing Missing


Thirsty Merc - In The Summertime

In The Summertime is a song by Aussie band Thirsty Merc. Released in the summer of 2004, it is the perfect Aussie song to blast on a hot summers day and is the reflection of our laid back Aussie style. Now that the days are gettng hotter (well, here in Aus anyway!), it's time to dust off songs like these, turn the volume up and sit back with nice cold stubby ;)


Friday, September 26, 2008

Requests and "Legal action"

Hey guys!
All requests will be posted tomorrow! It's 3:40am and all I can think about right now is sleep! Sorry for those who have been waiting a while, I don't get to update the blog as much as I'd like.
And for those who are looking for The Saturdays singles, the posts keep getting removed. I've been threatened with "legal action" if I repost them too, so that's kinda fucked. However I may feel oblidged to pass them on to you if you email and request, but I can't re-up, sorry guys!
Until tomorrow, peace <33

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hilary Duff - Reach Out Remix

This is the official remix of Hilary Duff's new single Reach Out. Taken form her forthcoming Greatest Hits album which is due for release on November 4, Reach Out features up-coming rapper Prophet, and was produced by One Republic's Ryan Tedder. This version is kinda LQ but you get a good idea of what the song's going to be like, Hil's is definitely sounding pretty good!


Sarah Brightman - Time To Say Goobye

I got a request for a single song of Sarah's but I thought I'd post the whole album also. Time to Say Goodbye, known as Timeless in Europe, is Sarah Brightman's most popular album which was released in 1997. The album peaked at number one on the Billboard Top Classical Crossovers Albums, which remained there for thirty-five consecutive weeks, a record never made by an artist in any other chart. Good album for those who enjoy classical music.

2. No One Like You
3. Just Show Me How To Love You (ft Jose Cura)
4. Tu Quieres Volver
5. In Pace
6. There For Me
7. Bilitis Generique
8. Who Wants To Live Forever
9. La Wally
10. Naturaleza Muerta
11. En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor
12. In Trutina
13. O Mio Babbino Caro
14. Alleluja


t.A.T.u. - You & I

You & I is the new single from Russian faux-lesbian group t.A.T.u. Their forthcoming english album Happy Smiles is due for release later in the year. One half of the group Lena Katina, recently announced that You & I will not have a video clip. The Russian version of the album, Veselye Ulybki, is due for release in October this year.


Pussycat Dolls - Doll Domination

Doll Domination is finally here! This is the second studio album from American girl group The Pussycat Dolls. It was released in Spain yesterday and is to be released in other countries over the coming week in both standard and deluxe editions. The deluxe edition comes with a bonus disc which features 5 solo songs from each of the dolls. I'm loving it!

1. When I Grow Up
2. Bottle Pop
3. Whatcha Think About That
4. I Hate This Part
5. Takin' Over The World
6. Out Of This Club
7. Who's Gonna Love You
8. Happily Never After
9. Magic
10. Halo
11. In Person
12. Elevator
13. Hush Hush
14. Love The Way You Love Me
15. Whathcamacallit
16. I'm Done
17. Lights Camera Action (ft. New Kids On The Block) [Bonus Track]
18. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps [Bonus Tracks]
19. Baby Love [Bonus Track]

Deluxe Edition - Disc Two
1. If I Was A Man (Jessica Sutra)
2. Space (Melody Thornton)
3. Don't Wanna Fall In Love (Kimberly Wyatt)
4. Played (Ashley Roberts)
5. Until U Love U (Nicole Scherzinger)


Aly & Aj - Insomniatic

1. Potential Breakup Song
2. Bullseye
3. Closure
4. Division
5. Like It Or Leave It
6. Like Whoa
7. Insomniatic
8. Silence
9. If I Could Have You Back
10. Blush
11. Flattery
12. I'm Here
3. Chemicals React (Remixed)
14. Careful With Words
15. Tears


Single song request - Blush

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Veronicas - Beyond "Goodbye To You"

This is just a video the girls did while they're in the US. It's not a music video or anything, just a cute little doco on making the transition from Australia to America to try and crack the US market. The American Hook Me Up bonus track, Goodbye To You is the song. Enjoy ;)

Britney's New Rehearsal Video

All I can say is - HOTT! Rumor has it this song is called "Underground", which will feature on her upcoming album!

Britney's Back!
Britney Spears

Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin' Better *New Song!*

This is the brand new song from pop princess Christina Aguilera! Keeps Gettin' Better is the first single to be released from her Greatet Hits album of the same name, which is due for release November 11 only in Target stores! Enjoy :)


Summer Rain

This has got to be one of my favourite songs ever. Summer Rain was first made famous by 80's superstar Belinda Carlisle in 1990. It was the 4th single released from Belinda's 4th studio album titles Wild Horses, and reached a peak position of number 3 on the UK charts.
The song was then covered in 2004 by Aussie dance band Slinkee Minx. This version was re-done to be more upbeat with a lot more of a dancebeat which suited danceclubs worldwide perfectly.
More recently German dance band groove Coverage covered the song.
Which version do you like ??

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Veronicas - Showtime [EP] RARE DEMOS!

Before Lisa and Jessica Origliasso formed "The Veronicas", they were known as Lisa and Jessica. Together they released 4 demo cd's to sell at local gigs. One of these was Showtime. Showtime features 5 songs all co-written by Jess and Lisa themselves, and shows the girls had talent even at a very young age. Possibily my favourite song of all time is Fall So Hard, which sounds not dis-similar to I Can't Stay Away. These demos are VERY rare, I suggest you get your hands on them while you can! Thanks are appreciated ;)

1. What are You Gonna Do
2. Fall So Hard
3. Make It Hot
4. Showtime
5. Maybe

Taylor Swift - Sounds Of The Season EP

Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection is a promotional EP released by country music artist Taylor Swift. Released on October 14, 2007, the EP is available for purchase only at the American discount department store chain Target. The album features two original songs: Christmas When You Were Mine, written by Nathan Chapman, Liz Rose and Taylor Swift, and Christmas Must Be Something More written by Taylor Swift.

1. Last Christmas
2. Christmas When You Were Mine
3. Santa Baby
4. Silent Night
5. Christmas Must Be Something More
6. White Christmas

Gwen Stefani - Love.Angel.Music.Baby

This is the debut album of Miss Gwen Stefani, released back in 2004. The album yielded six singles and had high sales, going multi-platinum in several countries, and selling seven million copies.

1. What You Waiting For?
2. Rich Girl
3. Hollaback Girl
4. Cool
5. Bubble Pop Electric
6. Luxurious
7. Harajuki Girls
8. Crash
9. The Real Thing
10. Serious
11. Danger Zone
12. Long Way To Go


Metro Station

Metro Station is the debut album from Metro Station. It was released September 18 last year and has been tearing up the charts worldwide ever since. Songs to look out for - Shake It, Control and Now That We're Done.

1. Seventeen Forever
2. Control
3. Kelsey
4. Shake It
5. Wish We Were Older
6. Now That We're Done
7. True To Me
8. Tell Me What To Do
9. California
10. Disco


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Annie - Motion Picture Soundtrack

1. Tomorrow
2. Maybe
3. It's The Hard-knock Life
4. Dumb Dog
5. Sandy
6. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
7. Little Girls
8. Let's Go To The Movies
9. We Got Annie
10. Sign
11.You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile
12. Tomorrow (White House Version)
13. Easy Street
14. Maybe (Reprise)
15. Finale

Colbie Caillat - Music Videos

Jessica Simpson - Do You Know

Do You Know is the brand new album from Jessica Simpson. This album is all country, with sweet vocals by Jess that prove she is made to be a country singer! Come On Over was the first single taken from the album and is quite good after a couple of plays. As with Come On Over, this album will take a few listens to really draw you in, but first listen standout tracks inlcude Remember That and Might As Well Be Making Love. Also on the album is a collaboration with Dolly Parton. The album will be released on the 9th of this month.

1. Come On Over
2. Remember That
3. Pray Out Loud
4. You're My Sunday
5. Sipping On History
6. Still Beautiful
7. Still Don't Stop Me
8. When I Loved You Like That
9. Might As Well Be Making Love
10. Man Enough
11. Do You Know (Duet with Dolly Parton)


Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Hey guys!
Sorry about the lack of updates lately. However I have a whole blissful week off so hopefully I will get a whole lot of new material posted for you in the coming week! I'm still working on your requests too, already submitted requests will be up within the next 48 hours, so keep checking back.
As always, *report any broken links, leave requests and affiliate requests on the tag board and most of all enjoy the music!!

Steven Childs - She's The End

Steven Childs is the lead guitarist in the Australian band Repeat Offender. He also does some solo work on the side. The result? Beautiful heart-wrenching acoustic songs form the heart.
She's The End is one of the most amazing songs I've heard in a very long while. It's about his heartache over his breakup with Jess Origliasso of The Veroncias, and if it doesn't bring tears to your eyes then you're one tough cookie! The lyrics and flawless vocals will captivate you.
Check out Steve's