Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rogue Traders - Better In The Dark

Better In The Dark is the 3rd studio album from Aussie electro/pop band Rogue Traders. It's the 2nd and final album with Nat Bassingthwaite at lead vocals. Although only 2 years apart, the evolution from the first album is not only noticeable, it's much welcomed and enjoyed. Filled with attitude, catchy chorus's and enough electro rock to satisfy you to your hearts content. Stand out tracks include I Never Liked You, Candy Coloured Lights and Throw Your Arms Around Me. A must for lovers of electro pop/rock music!

1. Calling All Lovers
2. Don't You Wanna Feel
3. I Never Liked You
4. Candy Coloured Lights
5. Speak & Destroy
6. Childlike
7. On Your Way To The Disco
8. 8th Wonder of The World
9. Better In The Dark
10. What You're On
11. Throw Your Arms Around Me
12. The Price We Pay


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Singnguy said...

one of my fave albums! Thanks for sharing... Highly recommended